Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A few weeks ago my dude and I went to see Paranormal Activity. Paranormal Activity? you say, exactly. I knew nothing about the movie except the little blurb I read on a random movie listing website that was literally one sentence long. In a nutshell a couple is bothered by a demonic presence and they can't sleep at night. The same sentence is on the movie's official website. I thought okay, how are they going to stretch this one out, but I went along in the spirit of fun.
Let me just say right here that I love scary movies, but dear reader I haven't been afraid in a movie theater for a looooong time. least of what's on the screen. Anyway I go in not expecting much, footloose and fancy free, then the lights go down. I'm not going to spoil the movie for you, but I'll just say it was pretty scary in a creepy stick with you sort of way. I've been telling everyone I know that they should go see it and I don't ever recommend movies. The two leads are very natural and believable so much so that I forgot I was watching a scary movie. When the creepy stuff starts you're totally taken off guard. The movie was punctuated with gasps and actual screams, with more than a few guys chiming in. Go see it, go see it,!

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yer_bot said...

i'm not convinced that i, myself will enjoy this so much, i seriously doubt the people sitting around me would enjoy watching this movie with me either. i do appreciate that a movie with low budget could still produce such quality work :)