Thursday, October 15, 2009

Drinking discoveries: The porron

In a tragic turn of events, B and I were turned away from tonight's Poprally event because it was oversold. Apparently Spike Jonze put a hundred people on the guestlist. I am now thinking twice about going to see Where the Wild Things Are

Still, the evening wasn't a total loss. We managed to squeeze in a fantastic dinner at LES restaurant Macondo. We arrived in time for happy hour, or as they call it "Porron Hour," and got to experience something new -- drinking out of a porron.

Porrones look a whole lot like bongs but they are actually wine pitchers that pour a very thin stream of liquid into your mouth. From 5-7pm, Monday through Friday, Macondo offers a menu of tapas for six dollars and each tapa ordered gets you a mini porron filled with beer with a hint of Fresca (it's tastier than it sounds.)

I learned from the coasters that "for centuries porrones have been used to easily share drinks around the table" in Spain. This means there's only one porron to wash when the meal is over as opposed to several glasses. Genius. Thank you Spain!

And thank you Macondo for introducing me to a new drinking vessel! I recommend heading down there and getting your porr-ON! The food rocks too. Macondo = win/win.


yer_bot said...

there's this spanish tapas place in the west village that i took sue and her sister too and we drank out of porrons, uber cool! i have some photos somewhere of tom and i in the throws of drinking out of these things

aurelie_bot said...

i'd like to check that place out. what was it called? we all need to go out and get our porr-on! i thought it was super funny! and i want to see those pics :)

tom_bot said...

las ramblas on west 4th and something. that place was hella small though.