Thursday, October 1, 2009


So picture it, Brooklyn at the ungodly hour of 5am on a weekday. My dude is walking me to the train. We're walking in silence with the occasional yawn or a sleepy grunt that means, look out for that dog poo! In the distance by the very entrance to the L we're trekking to we see two women. Of course anyone that's accustomed to walking around during ungodly hours of the morning is a bit leery of anyone else you come across. Also due to their dress, and I don't mean to jump to conclusions here folks, but I'd say they were a couple of prossies. As we get closer we hear them chatting away. Then one goes "I said you need depends!". "What?", says the other. "I told him Depends!I said! You need adult diapers." What a way to start the morning, picturing a prostitute with a trick that needs adult diapers.

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yer_bot said...

whoa that picture is groovy!!!!