Friday, October 23, 2009

An open letter to the old Supreme Trading

Dear old Supreme Trading,

First of all, what should I call you now? You've undergone a transformation into "N8" yet I still see you in event listings as "Supreme Trading." I get it. It's because you're located on N. 8th Street. That's pretty clever.

But maybe I'm not pronouncing it correctly. I mean is it the letter "N" followed by the number "8" or is it like "Nate" in the same way that "8" becomes "ate" when one says "L8er sk8er?" Letter/Number combinations can be confusing.

Second of all, I was under the impression that you wanted to be a nightclub now. What's going on with your sound? Do you realize how horribly screechy it sounds -- especially in that front room? Don't you want to be taken seriously?

Also, what's with the state of general disarray inside you? Honestly, are you finished? Your unisex bathroom is a hot mess. I don't invite people over while I'm in the middle of showering and getting ready. Maybe you should spruce yourself up a bit before letting people in too.

And finally, why did my friend Tom have to pay $20 for two Coronas and a PBR while we were at you? That's math I can't even process. Is that $7 a Corona and $6 a PBR or is it $8 a Corona and $4 a PBR? Either way, it's a rip-off. You're in Brooklyn. You need to price your drinks accordingly.



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tom_bot said...

trufusses to the motherlovin roofusses.