Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Best Recession Special EVER

I don't know if I should be blogging about this latest find but, why not, everyone needs a recession break. Sweet Ups bar, sister of the infamous hipster dive/dance club, Royal Oak, is offering $1 mini-pitchers of beer from 12-5 every day!!!!!!!

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Best New Pizza Joint!

Huge fan of Williamsburg's latest brick oven pizza joint, Motorino. I've walked by a few times admiring the lovely glass facade and small but quaint outdoor patio. B-friend and I went this past weekend after a long walk around the block complaining about the lack of tasty restaurants in the hood. We started out with the roasted beet salad with mint and ricotta and the fingerling potatoes with ramps submerged in a very delicious pesto sauce. The apps were simple yet delicious and made with wonderful ingredients. We decided on the traditional Margherita DOC pizza and the Anchovie pizza. Both pies were well balanced and screaming out with simplicity, not too much sauce, not overbearing with cheese, it was all the right portions of ingredients on a very crispy, charcoal flavored crust. Oh, and btw, Motorino blows Roberta's out of the water.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

AC @ T5

Rainbow strobe lights underneath tables covered with white tablecloths, in turn covered with electronic music equipment -- Check!

Giant orb over which to project trippy visuals-- Check!

Large screen hanging on back wall patterned not unlike the tapestries your hippie room mate in college used to hang on the walls -- Check!

What we have here is not only the recipe for a most excellent mushroom trip but also all the ingredients for an Animal Collective show, in this case, at Terminal 5 last night.

I wish I'd been able to take a photo that better portrays the psychedelic setup but we were way too far back (as clearly illustrated by the picture above.) Brooklyn Vegan has great photos and a set list.

The show was absolutely amazing. The super long version of "Fireworks" was really cool and they even threw in Panda Bear's "Comfy in Nautica." My only disappointment was "My Girls" which I thought didn't sound very good live. It's possible I just like that song too much or maybe it's just overproduced on the album.

All in all, a top notch show. Can't wait to see Animal Collective in Prospect Park in August!

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Beer belly

Over a year ago, whilst polishing off a PBR at Trailer Park Lounge during Happy Hour, a concept was born. It fermented for many months but Brandon and I finally brought it to fruition and the end result earned us an honorable mention in PBR's annual art contest.

Three words, people - it's a beer!

Just wanted to share our baby with those of you out there in the blogosphere and all my Facebook and Twitter peeps who wanted to see the "honorable" piece. Is it just me or does it have my eyes?

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Models as Muse, Exhibition at the Costume Institute

Models as Muse: Embodying Fashion opens May 6!

The show has already opened up to a bit of controversy. Critics claim the theme of the show lack substance, some feel the show will not capture or in the least inspire the public who is going through a deep recession. Controversy over fashion designer Alaia pulling out of the show has also raised questions about Anna Wintor's (Vogue editor) influence and power over the Costume Institute. I think I lost it at, "fashion industry DRAMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA." Overall the show will be successful because it's packed with entertainment and beauty, lots of important fashion photography, iconic magazine covers, etc. Big ups to the creative director, John Meyer and hair and makeup stylist, Julian D'ys who really turned a kind of boring topic (supermodels? really? ) into a visually appealing show, but I guess that's not so hard since supermodels are already gorgeous.

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