Friday, March 30, 2007

Two Things On This Great Day That Is Friday


Tonight @ Studio Bizzzzzzzzzzzal

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

hella miami, hella house music

well, lazyrobots were separated at conference, sondra stayed back in new york to maintain the fort, while aurelie raved it hard with the drum n' bass kiddies (see post below) and apparently got hit on with some cheesy ass lines, lucky whore!

I, on the other hand stayed at the most beautiful condo on ocean drive with one of the most spectacular views of Miami's aqua blue water and what? no cig. butts floating in the ocean, what is that about? I also fell in love for the millionth time again every year at conference with house music, i hate the new york house scene by the way, so the conference gives me a chance to dance my heart out, which i did, only dropping a couple of Washington's on booze, damn you Miami! note to selves: do not buy drinks at bars in sobe, mr. flasky is a friend!

anyway, its okay to feel jealous, while you were stuck in your cubicles kissing THE MAN'S ass, i was guzzling freshly concocted mojitos, getting my tan on and dancing to some of the world's best electronic music. I can't say enough about the trip, so check out the photos here

And for a list of my favorites check out the little bit I wrote for Fashion Geek. I'll be posting up some Miami street fashion on FG tomorrow afternoon also!


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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey Baby, what's your name? My dreams need details...

The last time I made the trip down to Miami for WMC was in 2003. The night before my flight out, the war began. I remember it vividly because I worked at and stayed there until 3 a.m. that night.

Four years later, the war continues and I'm back in Miami with roughly the same group of people for a reunion - spring break for adults. Somehow, the crowd seems different. Instead of being surrounded by cool ex-club-kids, we find ourselves engulfed in a sea of shirtless douche bags and fake breasts. Still, fun ensues as we, naturally, drink through it.

Where do I even begin to describe five days of WMC type madness? I could write a novel, but I won't bore you with that. Instead I will highlight the best moments, people, places and music.

Best pick up line: See title of this blog entry.
Weirdest comment: "You've got long strides for short people." - said by crazy woman directing traffic outside of a parking deck to my friend Helen and me as we walked by.
Most fun party: Ed Banger party at Studio A.
Craziest person: Danny, who took off not only his shirt but also his pants while we were dancing during Evol Intent's set at Viram.
DJ I'm sad I missed: Ellen Alien.
DJ's I'm really glad I saw: Digitalism, Justice and our own hometown hero, Tommie Sunshine, who I never manage to catch in New York. He was still playing when we left the MSTRKRFT party at 8 in the morning on Saturday night!
Most frequented venue: Studio A. We were there Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. In New York, we kill the dance floor at Studio B, in Miami it's Studio A.
Best part: Seeing a bunch of old friends including Theresa, Helen, Aimee, Wendy, Adam and Gavin and their crew, AJ and the rest of Evol Intent (check them out on the cover of the current issue of Rinse Magazine,) Anthony, "Robert from LA," Shannon, and Ryan and Damian (who live in New York, yet our paths rarely cross.)
Worst part: Two shots and two cocktails = $50...Really? Amen for flasks! Also the weather could've been better. It rained on and off four out of five days.
Celebrities spotted: Lil' Jon (sans Star Jones, thankfully) and DJ AM (a celebrity by association, specifically for dating celebrities.)

That's Miami in a nutshell. I spent too much, I drank too much but it was good times all around.

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Friday, March 23, 2007


I would recap but I can't form a sentence, tune in next week. P.S. no one should drink more than 3 red bulls in a day. We did go to the OM party at Ultra Lounge, sick, sick venue and of course the music was bonkers!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Its Been Four Years

Sunday: Sondra and I joined Abrooklynlife and friends for NY's Anti-War protest rally organized by United for Peace. We marched across Manhattan, remaining the whole time behind this really crazy marching band who looked like they just rolled out of bed in their St. Patrick's Day costumes. They were a hoot and it was nice to recover from all the green booze by walking through Manhattan in support of the peace movement. It was great to see such a huge turn out and yes, why are we still f-ing protesting this bitch after 4 years :(

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Nascar Art @ Deitch

Thursday I went to Deitch Gallery to see Kristin Baker's latest art installation. Inspired by Nascar, Baker creates huge multicolored pieces of work, without any trace of brush work. By using her palette knife her pieces almost resemble stain glass. Standing back from the canvases you see cohesive images, such as, a ship wreck, someone's bedroom, and an expanse landscape. The Guggenheim just snagged some of her work, check the show at Deitch and catch her gallery talk at the Guggenheim tomorrow.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patty's Day Weekend

Saturday: Shopping, shopping and shopping. Got these hot new shoes and then we roamed the LES looking for brunch, ended up at Schillers, having their "world famous" "LES famous" bloody marys, they were not the best I've had. I still think the Manhattan bar in Athens has THE best bloody marys, but then again I think I was swayed by the pickled green beans and wasabi peas. Brunch was followed by beer, frozen margaritas and specially concocted green shots from the bartender at Pianos. I cut myself off at 7pm to sober up for my volunteer project with RightRides from 11pm - 3am. Cesar and I had a blast all night, talking smack, eating beef jerky, and driving women home safely.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wintry mix

Who can understand a world where it's 60 degrees out and you don't need to wear a jacket for the first half of the week but by Friday, you find yourself in the middle of a full blown blizzard? I certainly can't. It leads to crazy antics, like making snow angels on deserted East Village Streets and hustling guys at the 100% wind-powered Barcade with our unflappable pool routine.

Note to men: if you're gay, don't hit on me. It only confuses me and the weather is enough right now. Luckily, I find solace in the fact that in a mere four days, I'll be lying on a beach in Miami, hopefully with a Corona in hand. The countdown begins.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rave Pictures

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F*ck Baltimore (Part 3 of 3)

We woke up just in time to miss the noon checkout at the hotel. After brunch, it was already time to drop me off so I could catch the bus back to my beloved NYC. Jeffrey, Loic and I broke out into a sweet French rendition of YMCA in the back seat of the car (Jeune homme, j'ai dit jeune homme...i grec-emme-cé-a!) as our driver fumbled through the streets of "Washtington" in search of DC's Chinatown.

They found the spot, we hugged through it (the goodbye) and I hopped on the bus, where I immediately went into bitch mode, putting on my giant sunglasses and headphones in order to avoid the type of incident I was forced to endure on the way up.

The bus stops in Baltimore to pick up and drop off people en route to New York but one of the young Asian kids running the show made an executive decision to bypass Baltimore and send the bus straight to New York because "That's bullshit, it's too busy on the weekends" and "Fuck Baltimore." Can't argue with reasoning like that. I had a cruel little laugh to myself as we drove through Baltimore, picturing those poor people waiting for a bus that wouldn't come. (There are buses every hour so it's not that mean!) Three and a half hour later, I was back in New York.

My trip was short and sweet. It all went by way too fast but it was worth it to spend a few hours with good friends that I never see. Yet another great thing about living in New York: The ability to get away from it for a day or two for such a ridiculously low price. ($35 round trip.)

So where should I take the Chinatown bus to next? Boston? Philly? Baltimore...?

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Drinking Through It (Part 2 of 3)

Some people go to Washington to see the monuments. Me, I strictly go to catch gaudy drag shows at questionable gay clubs.

After a few round of drinks and shots and the St. Gregory Hotel bar, we headed off in search of dinner. It started to rain so we were forced to make a decision quickly and settled on a French place called "La Fourchette." (That's "The Fork" for you Franco-challenged Americans.) The rich and delicious dinner included a few bottles of Chinon and profiteroles for desert, a welcome change from my recent get-ready-for-Miami fare.

Full and more than a little buzzed, we cabbed it over to Chaos, Washington, DC's self-proclaimed "most diverse gay nightclub." I didn't know what to think when we walked in. Black and white linoleum tiled the dance floor and leopard-print tablecloths covered the tables. The walls were decorated with posters of people ranging from Madonna and Wonder Woman to Lindsay Lohan.

Once the drag show started and we'd put back a few drinks, everyone was well into it, though. We found a table in the back where we recuperated from ten minutes of laughing over a hilarious toilet-paper-shoe incident and spent the rest of the evening back there talking smack, outside smoking or getting down on the dance floor.

Unfortunately, DC isn't as cool as New York and the bars close at 2 a.m. (I also find their "You do the math" subway system questionable.) Being so busy drinking through it, we hadn't made it to the liquor store before going out so we were left with little option but to head back to the hotel. Everyone was pretty drunk and we managed to stay up and goof off until at least 5a.m.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lazy Robot goes to "Washtington" (Part 1 of 3)

While two-thirds of the robot crew raved it up in the city over the weekend, I woke up bright and early last Saturday morning to catch the Chinatown Bus to "Washtington DC."

For those of you who have never embarked on such a journey, let me give you two key pieces of advice:

1) Arrive early - The bus fills up fast and the further away you sit from the bathroom, the better off you'll be.

2) Immerse yourself in something and avoid contact with your neighbor at all cost - Apparently, asking someone to throw away a piece of trash for you serves as an open invitation for a two-hour long conversation that could result in being asked out on a date by someone you would never want to go on a date with. It doesn't get much more awkward than turning some guy down and then having to sit next to him in silence for thirty minutes.

Once the bus arrived, I fled as quickly as my legs would allow and headed for the Smithsonian area to find my international entourage of gay boys. (French, American and Dutch.) They had spent the entire day sightseeing and were ready for a drink and some rest.

We found a cafe and ordered some light food and beers. They were all tired from the previous evening's late night shenanigans, involving prank calls to escort services ("What exactly is included in the 'complete package?'") What to do? Rest? Take things easy? Not this crowd. We unanimously decided to "Drink Through It," an idea that was fast accepted by all as the mantra of the trip and really, a great life philosophy.

Tired or hung over? Drink Through It. Bad day at work? Drink Through It. Excruciatingly long and boring conference call? DTI!!!

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Monday, March 12, 2007

I Am Legend

They're filming I Am Legend a "Post-apocalyptic" movie based on the Richard Matheson Sci-Fi novel today at the MET, upstairs from my department, pretty neato! I haven't seen Will Smith yet, but hopefully we'll run into eachother over twinkies and hot chocolate at the vending machines later.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nuttin But Stringz

While watching LatinNation today, don't ask me why I was watching LatinNation, other than, vegging out to TV is the best form of recovering after raving till 8am. Yes, I said it, Sondra and I went to the rave last night at 3rd Ward, BUSHWICK reprezent. It was totally bonkers and I haven't danced so hard since circa 1994, gezus! I do have to say Sondra and I still have our moves! the music was aiiiiiiiight, mixing was painful, music was a mashup of all genres, house, dn'b, hip hop. He dropped an M.I.A. remix at the end of the night, it was real sweet. I think I was the only person screaming.

Hello, sidetracking! Anyway this post was supposed to be about how I heard about Nuttin But Stringz on LatinNation. The group is comprised of two brothers from Queens who attended Juillard, they're both violinists who play a mix of classical music with an urban hip hop flare, they are so badass and I've been obsessing over them. Check them out at: itunes, Amazon, myspace.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

umm, not so Lazy afterall, eh?

I'm still waiting for the girls to post because I guess they are too busy doing stuff to do it, but we all had an eventful weekend. Lets recap!

Thursday: Aurelie finally hit up the Skylab night at Sputnik in Clinton Hill with the married couple (AKA aBrooklynlife), free booze and music, can you really ask for anything more, except maybe if they offered up free hot wings, then it would be worth suffering on the G train.

Friday: (A) and I met up after I had a billizion doctor appoints, (no worries though standard robotic procedures, such has replacing my batteries, changing my mainframe, fixing my broken off switch) we went to this thing in Hells Kitchen that offered up a pleasant environment for young, single, professionals, lets not forget the open bar and yummy hors d'oeuvres. Who serves sushi at an open bar?Insanity! We did manage to get a good line from some random photographer dude, "can I borrow this chair?" only chatting us up and never getting the chair in the long run, good line buddy! The night finally ended up back in Brooklyn at Union Pool only after we hit up Capones for a pizza and missed Carrie White noise Dj but we did manage to meet a random dude who had just auditioned for that Fox TV show, So you think you can dance! at this other random meatpacking club. HOW AWESOME WAS THAT! he was such a badass dancer. The end of the night was spent freezing and then evenutally burning our asses off at Union Pool's backyard and meeting some interesting peeps sitting around the campfire. IHEARTBROOKLYN :)

Saturday: A fabulous dinner at Zenkichi with (D) and (E) and their friend Papop(sp?) Papo, either case his name was pretty cool and we went to Rose's afterwards for drinks which by the way had some amazing, ethno-funk, Brazilian African drumming vocal LIVE music, it was so random and unbelievable at the same time and the whole time I was thinking, Thank the good lord in heaven for allowing me to live in New York. Sondra and Aurelie roamed the LES and ended up going home when the sun came up, hells yeah!

Sunday: Spent watching Burning Man documentaries and daydreaming about going there and finally got to writing and preparing for my presentation, this lasted till 3am. Photo is one of my favorites from Burning Man, a David Best Temple.

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Friday, March 2, 2007

J'adore Hussein Chalayan!

People have a love hate relationship with Paris, since I've never been and will be going for two weeks in June to study for 2 weeks, (YAY!) I can only have romantic notions of this impassioned city. But I do have to say I'm already swayed by the fact that some of my favorite fashion designers choose to show here over any other metropolitan city, so that is saying something, right? Besides the Japanese avant garde group, Yohji, Comme des Garcon, I adore, adore, adore Hussein Chalayan. Can anyone get any cooler than creating a collection of robotic dresses, being eco-friendly and designing a collection inspired by Samurai armor. I'm so obsessed I'm even a bit jealous, such brilliance this man has, pushing fashion's button left and right, so fierce, I love it! Check out the collection at Style.

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