Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey Baby, what's your name? My dreams need details...

The last time I made the trip down to Miami for WMC was in 2003. The night before my flight out, the war began. I remember it vividly because I worked at and stayed there until 3 a.m. that night.

Four years later, the war continues and I'm back in Miami with roughly the same group of people for a reunion - spring break for adults. Somehow, the crowd seems different. Instead of being surrounded by cool ex-club-kids, we find ourselves engulfed in a sea of shirtless douche bags and fake breasts. Still, fun ensues as we, naturally, drink through it.

Where do I even begin to describe five days of WMC type madness? I could write a novel, but I won't bore you with that. Instead I will highlight the best moments, people, places and music.

Best pick up line: See title of this blog entry.
Weirdest comment: "You've got long strides for short people." - said by crazy woman directing traffic outside of a parking deck to my friend Helen and me as we walked by.
Most fun party: Ed Banger party at Studio A.
Craziest person: Danny, who took off not only his shirt but also his pants while we were dancing during Evol Intent's set at Viram.
DJ I'm sad I missed: Ellen Alien.
DJ's I'm really glad I saw: Digitalism, Justice and our own hometown hero, Tommie Sunshine, who I never manage to catch in New York. He was still playing when we left the MSTRKRFT party at 8 in the morning on Saturday night!
Most frequented venue: Studio A. We were there Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. In New York, we kill the dance floor at Studio B, in Miami it's Studio A.
Best part: Seeing a bunch of old friends including Theresa, Helen, Aimee, Wendy, Adam and Gavin and their crew, AJ and the rest of Evol Intent (check them out on the cover of the current issue of Rinse Magazine,) Anthony, "Robert from LA," Shannon, and Ryan and Damian (who live in New York, yet our paths rarely cross.)
Worst part: Two shots and two cocktails = $50...Really? Amen for flasks! Also the weather could've been better. It rained on and off four out of five days.
Celebrities spotted: Lil' Jon (sans Star Jones, thankfully) and DJ AM (a celebrity by association, specifically for dating celebrities.)

That's Miami in a nutshell. I spent too much, I drank too much but it was good times all around.

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lazyrobot said...

holla, dude can we not booze for a while, $18 for a redbull and vodka and i don't even f-ink like that drink, geezus! still though i'm going back next year!