Tuesday, March 27, 2007

hella miami, hella house music

well, lazyrobots were separated at conference, sondra stayed back in new york to maintain the fort, while aurelie raved it hard with the drum n' bass kiddies (see post below) and apparently got hit on with some cheesy ass lines, lucky whore!

I, on the other hand stayed at the most beautiful condo on ocean drive with one of the most spectacular views of Miami's aqua blue water and what? no cig. butts floating in the ocean, what is that about? I also fell in love for the millionth time again every year at conference with house music, i hate the new york house scene by the way, so the conference gives me a chance to dance my heart out, which i did, only dropping a couple of Washington's on booze, damn you Miami! note to selves: do not buy drinks at bars in sobe, mr. flasky is a friend!

anyway, its okay to feel jealous, while you were stuck in your cubicles kissing THE MAN'S ass, i was guzzling freshly concocted mojitos, getting my tan on and dancing to some of the world's best electronic music. I can't say enough about the trip, so check out the photos here

And for a list of my favorites check out the little bit I wrote for Fashion Geek. I'll be posting up some Miami street fashion on FG tomorrow afternoon also!