Tuesday, March 6, 2007

umm, not so Lazy afterall, eh?

I'm still waiting for the girls to post because I guess they are too busy doing stuff to do it, but we all had an eventful weekend. Lets recap!

Thursday: Aurelie finally hit up the Skylab night at Sputnik in Clinton Hill with the married couple (AKA aBrooklynlife), free booze and music, can you really ask for anything more, except maybe if they offered up free hot wings, then it would be worth suffering on the G train.

Friday: (A) and I met up after I had a billizion doctor appoints, (no worries though standard robotic procedures, such has replacing my batteries, changing my mainframe, fixing my broken off switch) we went to this thing in Hells Kitchen that offered up a pleasant environment for young, single, professionals, lets not forget the open bar and yummy hors d'oeuvres. Who serves sushi at an open bar?Insanity! We did manage to get a good line from some random photographer dude, "can I borrow this chair?" only chatting us up and never getting the chair in the long run, good line buddy! The night finally ended up back in Brooklyn at Union Pool only after we hit up Capones for a pizza and missed Carrie White noise Dj but we did manage to meet a random dude who had just auditioned for that Fox TV show, So you think you can dance! at this other random meatpacking club. HOW AWESOME WAS THAT! he was such a badass dancer. The end of the night was spent freezing and then evenutally burning our asses off at Union Pool's backyard and meeting some interesting peeps sitting around the campfire. IHEARTBROOKLYN :)

Saturday: A fabulous dinner at Zenkichi with (D) and (E) and their friend Papop(sp?) Papo, either case his name was pretty cool and we went to Rose's afterwards for drinks which by the way had some amazing, ethno-funk, Brazilian African drumming vocal LIVE music, it was so random and unbelievable at the same time and the whole time I was thinking, Thank the good lord in heaven for allowing me to live in New York. Sondra and Aurelie roamed the LES and ended up going home when the sun came up, hells yeah!

Sunday: Spent watching Burning Man documentaries and daydreaming about going there and finally got to writing and preparing for my presentation, this lasted till 3am. Photo is one of my favorites from Burning Man, a David Best Temple.


Dennis said...

"The Married" couple.. lol

Dennis said...

It's Papo btw..

Anonymous said...

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