Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hot Chip Will Break Your Legs . . .

Snap off your head.

thats I have to say, except maybe two more things,

"I'm looking for a home
For my malfunctioning being
I'm looking for the mechanical music museum"

Oh and that Hot Chip is the SHIT and how I love the fact that they are such mechanical music nerds. <<<<< i love you >>>>>>

I'll fill you in later on the dance mania we were a part of after Hot Chip.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I've been away from you guys for what seems like ages! Time passes by in the blink of an eye in this city. So a recap of the happenings. Taxes suck!How is it almost everyone I know gets thousands of dollars back and I get in the lousy hundreds? Though I wont complain too much because I could owe money. I'm looking for an accountant for next year (grumble grumble). Next looking for a new roomie, is hella stressful. I'm really thankful for the replies and everything but I always feel so bad. I reamember how it was when I was looking for a place, both before I moved here and when I first got here, it...was...HORRIBLE! I sent out hundreds of emails and got like two replies. I wish I could get the right person in here and direct the others to great apartments too. Damn New York for being such a popular destination. No, I take that back *I love you*. Side note: though I do still have a little faith in you, I can no longer pattern my weekdays or weekends around your postings. If I happen to be around one of your events I'll pop in. I mean we're still friends and everything. We're just not as tight as we used to be, sadly. Oh man it's only Wednesday!? Well only two more days of work until Hot Chip! Yess!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One more robot wants to be something more than a machine

By this point, you may have concluded that the Lazy Robot crew stands for little more than boozing it up and good fun. Not so, my friend. As Y pointed out below, she and I took some time out of our busy partying schedules on Saturday to participate in a demonstration to demand action on global warming.

Step It Up organized over 1,300 events this past weekend to raise awareness about global warming. We dressed in blue, formed a “Sea of People” and stood two blocks from the east waterfront of lower Manhattan to represent where New York’s coastline is expected to lie in the future. You can read about some of the other ways in which protesters made their voices heard here.

I’m thrilled to be living in a city where thousands gather for good causes like this.

And speaking of things about NYC I love; people complain all the time about the cost of living here. I’d like to take this moment to point out that after the “Sea of People” parted, we stepped it up and over to the East Village where we scored two Bloody Marys, three Margaritas and a hearty brunch all for a mere $25! Where else can you do that?

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Questionable open bars, Taxidermy and Happy Endings

Last Thursday night, S and I checked out a few events we found on The first turned out to be a bust. We were shunned at the door under the premise that 10,000 people had rsvp’ed from that website.

This sparked a heated debate. Sadly, I’ve been more disappointed than happy with as of late. S remains more optimistic. I think it’s just a case too little too late for me. has, somewhat, sold out. Just check out their fancy new website. S and Y were around for its heyday and experienced it when it was still underground. Now, like Death Cab for Cutie and Modest Mouse, everyone knows about it and it’s only fractionally as cool as it once was. Bar owners take advantage of it and there are so many listings that the few people running the site can’t steer their trusting followers towards good instead of evil.

Resilient as we are, we overcame that disappointment and still managed to have an interesting night. We hit up Piano’s, one covert open bar at Home Sweet Home (an unique bar on Christie Street which would only remind you of home if your dad worked as a taxidermist) and topped things off at Happy Endings where we made some new friends and peeped some poor guy getting whipped into a red, painful-looking frenzy in one of the reserved areas. New York City: never a dull moment.

This Friday, the robot crew represents in full effect at Webster Hall when our ultimate favourite, Hot Chip, hits town. Four more days! I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sea of People, Sea of Change

This weekend got me thinking a lot about everything: age, politics, social issues, generations, activism and of course, 3 dollar margaritas. I just recall the 20s as being all fun and games, I mean we did suffer though an identity crisis, barely making it out of college but finding our own way finally free of people telling us what to do, yet at the same time yearning for anyone to give us advice. Its such irony, the 20s were. At some point in my late 20s, the past two years I've really begun to feel like Kevin Bacon in Footloose, when he's delivering his speech on allowing the community to let the young folks dance, every thing I think about these days: art, music, society, I think that "this is our time" our time to do something to be remembered by, something good.

And then I think, what is this obsession with being remembered, I guess that's what makes us distinct from other beings on earth, the fact that we have such a love for memories and remembering. So I guess turning 30 this year won't be so bad after all especially if it means remembering that this is still our time but now we actually have the momentum and consideration to do something about it.

On that note, among all the drinking foolery the bots usually get into, some days we manage to take action. (A) and I stepped up this past Saturday by joining the Sea of People rally and march, wearing the most blue we had, (A) even bought her scuba goggles.

The march was to raise awareness, awareness that perhaps all this consummation we participate in, is doing something to the things in life we're so in awe of, nature. Global warming was the big issue and people gathered to march as a wave, an ocean wave that will gobble up lower Manhattan when global warming melts the icebergs. The thousands of Sea of People formed the new sea level in lower Manhattan, chanting for people to "step up" and chanting for change.

It was an interesting day full of hope. Let us all step up this next weekend when the world comes together to celebrate Earthday.

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Bunnies, Chocolates and Resurrection

What I really meant was: Open Bars, Sleeping and Kobe Beef Burgers

The night started off innocently enough, couple of 3 dollar drinks at our fave, the Con, then we were off to the W. Village to attend Void Magazine's 2-year anniversary. While we were there we managed to take advantage of the fabo open bar, downing a couple and then meeting the lovely bathroom attendant. Starting the night at 7ish means ending back up at the Con for a mid-night pizza snack and yes, another drink followed by our favorite cocktail waitress buying us shots, (love you!).

Somehow (A) and I decided to jet out to Clinton Hill to hit up the Sputnik night, the place reminded us of the array of coffee shops furnished with sofas we frequented in Athens, GA when we were undergrads there. Dj Dad rocked the house, sadly for only a few chaps weathering the cold.

As Thursday killed the weekend, Friday and Saturday for the bots were spent catching up on sleep, vegetating in front of the tube, running in McCarren park in the freezing cold and cleaning the homestead.

Easter Sunday rolled around and I got up early, yes, to run again and then spent too much time on myspace only to be late to my brunch date with Ms. J and her best friend, gay lover, Don (who is moving :( but he needs it so it should be a happy face). On the way to brunch I managed to snap this young chap, learning how to skateboard, cutie putie! and check out the monte christo at the Stanton Social, so yummy! I would of taken a pic of the Kobe burger but that was gone in 1 second.

Sondra and I met up afterwards to do our ritual scan of periodicals at the bookstore, consuming some sugar and lots of caffeine and then we hit up the homestead to finally watch Borat and Babel. Lets just say I couldn't go to bed after watching babel, so disturbing.

I wonder what we'll get into this weekend?

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ode to Thursday

Is Thursday really the new Friday and Saturday, put together? It seems like it, at least it will be this weekend. The Lazyrobot's debaucherous affairs are cooling down just a bit this weekend, considering we've been going non-stop, don't stop, for the past two weeks. Next week is big, Friday the 13th festivities, including Mark Farina on Thursday, Carrie Whitenoise on Friday and Kascade on Saturday, (thanks Cesar) and the one and only Hot Chip the following weekend, where do I catch my breath?

On tonight's agenda: a literary booze fest in honor of Void Magazine and then to the deep dark corners of Brooklyn, Clinton Hill for Skylab and our favorite newest Dad, Adam Smith working the ones and ones, holla.

Stay tuned tomorrow for what went down.

For a little something to get all of us through to the weekend, a little poem in honor of spring


shut in between clouds
a hand shoves through
inching slowly through the crevice
with no one behind to push him forward
he's falling at his own free will
his excitement felt in fevers
sprinkling down
rays of soft light

the blue warms a bit and the green grows only taller
but his body continues to wrap around and disappear
into the colors we breathe

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

An open letter to

I still believe in you It's not your fault ruthless bar managers are using you to bring in the booze hounds, and getting all panicky about how big the turnout is and shutting down the open bar earlier than advertised. I've noticed it repeatedly from one particular east village spot (Oh that open bar was from 12:00 to 12:15) and now it's becoming a little more widespread. Don't they know how New Yorkers flock to free booze?! Don't they know we'll do anything to save a buck?! That's precisely what they do know, and they're just hoping that we'll be lazy enough to stick around and pay full price for the booze they're slinging. Well I have a warning for you bar manager/owner/whoever the warmer months are coming and I just might leave your bar to find a better deal. While I do appreciate the open bar phenomenon I also appreciate a little consistency and maybe a little respect for your patrons. Meanwhile I still believe in you, you have steered me towards some good times and I still think you've got a trick or two up your sleeve.

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Hella Tuesday

It's a boring day, I've got nothing to do, except to get a load of robots and drag them to Piano’s (Big ups to those of you who get the reference!)

It’s Tuesday and spring fever runs rampant. We hit up an open bar at Kion in the East Village but sadly, by the time I escaped work and set foot inside the spot, drinks and sushi supplies had dried out. So, we headed over to Piano’s since it proved to be a successful watering hole on St. Patrick’s Day.

Little did we know that on Tuesday night, Piano’s hosts a Guitar Hero night. If you don’t know about Guitar Hero, let me lay out the premise for you. Essentially, with the use of a Fishcer Price type plastic guitar, you tap your way through some heavy metal jams and are scored on accuracy. It’s ridiculously fun, good clean competition and just plain awesome.

We rocked out to a few rounds of madness but all of a sudden, the screen became filled with skits from a comedy troupe called “The Whitest Kids U’ Know.” I don’t want to speak on behalf of all robots, but I’ll just say that the wind was somewhat knocked out of our bitching sails and an exit soon followed…S, Y, feel free to elaborate ;)

Even though, see you soon Piano’s!We heart Guitar Hero!Look out, I’m practicing…

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Monday, April 2, 2007

And now a brief cultural minute...

So, before the debuachery that was the Diplo appearance at Studio B, when the coming events were just a twinkle in our eyes, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the Barcelona and Modernity: Gaudi to Dali exhibit. As I strolled through the exhibit (or as much as I could stroll considering the crowds), I was struck by just how huge it all was. There was everything from drawings, to paintings, architectural models to furniture and folding screens to other decorative objects. It also spanned many different art movements Art Nouveau (my favorite) or as the Spanish called it Modernisme, Surrealism, tinges of Impressionism and the list goes on. It included works from a young Picasso (19!) pre-cubism, dream like images from Ramon Casas, the beginning stirrings of Joan Miro, and of course Dali and Gaudi. My favorite piece was the sofa display case with "La Sardana" marquetry panel by Gaspa Homar and Josep Pey. It was beautifully crafted and breathtaking in person. The circle of women in itself is a delicately carved masterpiece, each woman's dress is delineated by either a slight color difference in the wood or a shift in the grain. All the viewer wants is to be invited into the circle and share in their dance. Everyone should check it out!

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Where were you in 92...92...92?

Sometimes everything just falls into place. Such was the case last Friday, when Yer and I were waiting at the bar at Studio B for our cocktails. A guy in a red shirt parted his way between us and asked me to get the bartender's attention for him. "I have to hurry up and get back up there," he said, "I'm spinning."

Of course, we knew that. In fact, we'd been ogling photos of him on the Internet all day because not only is Diplo the most fun DJ you'll likely get the chance to hear, but the guy is a stone fox.

I replied that we'd happily get his attention but in exchange, we'd need a picture. See above.

I've never seen Studio B as packed as it was this past Friday. We waited outside in line for at least 30 minutes, which worked in our favor as we had some pre-drinking to finish up.

Once inside, it wasn't long before Diplo stepped behind the decks. He played a short Baile Funk set. I love Baile and always mean to go check out some nights in town. I especially want to catch local DJ Sujinho. His remix of Lady Sovereign's "Cha Ching" kills me. Check it out for yourself in this amazing mix by DJ Atari -DJ Atari "Baile Burning".

Diplo kicked off a second set with M.I.A.'s "XR2". The crowd exploded. For the next two hours, he assaulted us with tune after tune after tune. He dropped everything from Justice, Dee Lite and Daft Punk to House of Pain and The Beatles.

The beauty of a Diplo set is that you never know what you're going to hear and he puts it all together perfectly and effortlessly. Every song he drops, you say to yourself, "I can't believe he's playing that!" He masterfully layers and blends together countless numbers of style and any effort to leave the dance floor is absolutely futile.

We hit the floor the minute he came on and didn't stop until the very last beat of the very last song. The last time I can remember dancing like that was this past July when we caught him at the Warsaw in Greenpoint. Hopefully, we won't have to wait eight more months to see him again. Don't be a stranger, Diplo!

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hello, hello, hella nice to meet you!

What can I say? I'll start with a little introduction. I am Sondra (hella nice to meet you), and I'm loving life in New York right now! It has a lot to do with the fact that Diplo kicked ass friday night at Studio B. Yes it was crowded and there were out of control drunken antics, but I danced till I was sweaty and that makes any night successful. (Side note to all the hotties that circle and never speak just step up!Damnit man!) I am sure my lovely cohorts will have more on that for you. My love also has something to do with the fact that the weather is getting warmer, and it has just a little to do with the fact that drinking outside on bustling restaurant patios is one of my favorite passtimes (okay drinking in general is one of my favorite passtimes, you got me). Lots of people complain about the summers in New York, not me! Sure there are days when I sit pressed up against my air conditioner, in my underwear, eating ice cubes (which is a little awkward when your roommates walk in, trust me) but I would much rather do that than freeze. I hate my big bubble coat, I hate my big bubble coat, I hate my big bubble coat. sorry. Yeah, so New York = good times right now. Thanks for reading and it's been hella nice meeting you.

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