Monday, April 2, 2007

Where were you in 92...92...92?

Sometimes everything just falls into place. Such was the case last Friday, when Yer and I were waiting at the bar at Studio B for our cocktails. A guy in a red shirt parted his way between us and asked me to get the bartender's attention for him. "I have to hurry up and get back up there," he said, "I'm spinning."

Of course, we knew that. In fact, we'd been ogling photos of him on the Internet all day because not only is Diplo the most fun DJ you'll likely get the chance to hear, but the guy is a stone fox.

I replied that we'd happily get his attention but in exchange, we'd need a picture. See above.

I've never seen Studio B as packed as it was this past Friday. We waited outside in line for at least 30 minutes, which worked in our favor as we had some pre-drinking to finish up.

Once inside, it wasn't long before Diplo stepped behind the decks. He played a short Baile Funk set. I love Baile and always mean to go check out some nights in town. I especially want to catch local DJ Sujinho. His remix of Lady Sovereign's "Cha Ching" kills me. Check it out for yourself in this amazing mix by DJ Atari -DJ Atari "Baile Burning".

Diplo kicked off a second set with M.I.A.'s "XR2". The crowd exploded. For the next two hours, he assaulted us with tune after tune after tune. He dropped everything from Justice, Dee Lite and Daft Punk to House of Pain and The Beatles.

The beauty of a Diplo set is that you never know what you're going to hear and he puts it all together perfectly and effortlessly. Every song he drops, you say to yourself, "I can't believe he's playing that!" He masterfully layers and blends together countless numbers of style and any effort to leave the dance floor is absolutely futile.

We hit the floor the minute he came on and didn't stop until the very last beat of the very last song. The last time I can remember dancing like that was this past July when we caught him at the Warsaw in Greenpoint. Hopefully, we won't have to wait eight more months to see him again. Don't be a stranger, Diplo!


yer_bot said...

dude, i look busted right here. not to mention i'm not into celeb-whoring at all, but there's something about diplo that makes me weak in the knees, its his mad skilz, man, mad skilz. "oh no you didn't," just drop that tune, shit, yo!

Will T said...

I just saw Diplo here in New Orleans with Bonde de Role and he was fucking great (except he did play Rage Against the Machine, and I was hating all over that shit, I mean seriously).

Will Tate

sondra_bot said...

You don't look busted just happy and a little tipsy! Ha ha.