Monday, April 16, 2007

Questionable open bars, Taxidermy and Happy Endings

Last Thursday night, S and I checked out a few events we found on The first turned out to be a bust. We were shunned at the door under the premise that 10,000 people had rsvp’ed from that website.

This sparked a heated debate. Sadly, I’ve been more disappointed than happy with as of late. S remains more optimistic. I think it’s just a case too little too late for me. has, somewhat, sold out. Just check out their fancy new website. S and Y were around for its heyday and experienced it when it was still underground. Now, like Death Cab for Cutie and Modest Mouse, everyone knows about it and it’s only fractionally as cool as it once was. Bar owners take advantage of it and there are so many listings that the few people running the site can’t steer their trusting followers towards good instead of evil.

Resilient as we are, we overcame that disappointment and still managed to have an interesting night. We hit up Piano’s, one covert open bar at Home Sweet Home (an unique bar on Christie Street which would only remind you of home if your dad worked as a taxidermist) and topped things off at Happy Endings where we made some new friends and peeped some poor guy getting whipped into a red, painful-looking frenzy in one of the reserved areas. New York City: never a dull moment.

This Friday, the robot crew represents in full effect at Webster Hall when our ultimate favourite, Hot Chip, hits town. Four more days! I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait!


yer_bot said...

i still like death cab even though its over the cool :(

aurelie_bot said...

so do i ;)

sondra_bot said...

Death cab forever my friends, death cab forever!The new Modest Mouse though eh, I can do without.