Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sea of People, Sea of Change

This weekend got me thinking a lot about everything: age, politics, social issues, generations, activism and of course, 3 dollar margaritas. I just recall the 20s as being all fun and games, I mean we did suffer though an identity crisis, barely making it out of college but finding our own way finally free of people telling us what to do, yet at the same time yearning for anyone to give us advice. Its such irony, the 20s were. At some point in my late 20s, the past two years I've really begun to feel like Kevin Bacon in Footloose, when he's delivering his speech on allowing the community to let the young folks dance, every thing I think about these days: art, music, society, I think that "this is our time" our time to do something to be remembered by, something good.

And then I think, what is this obsession with being remembered, I guess that's what makes us distinct from other beings on earth, the fact that we have such a love for memories and remembering. So I guess turning 30 this year won't be so bad after all especially if it means remembering that this is still our time but now we actually have the momentum and consideration to do something about it.

On that note, among all the drinking foolery the bots usually get into, some days we manage to take action. (A) and I stepped up this past Saturday by joining the Sea of People rally and march, wearing the most blue we had, (A) even bought her scuba goggles.

The march was to raise awareness, awareness that perhaps all this consummation we participate in, is doing something to the things in life we're so in awe of, nature. Global warming was the big issue and people gathered to march as a wave, an ocean wave that will gobble up lower Manhattan when global warming melts the icebergs. The thousands of Sea of People formed the new sea level in lower Manhattan, chanting for people to "step up" and chanting for change.

It was an interesting day full of hope. Let us all step up this next weekend when the world comes together to celebrate Earthday.


aurelie_bot said...

chuck me in the shallow water before i get too deep!

yeah, we're getting older and wiser and stepping up and i think it's awesome.

what are we doing for earth day?

Anonymous said...

I remember sitting in your living room watching Footloose with you. Thus began our obsession with dance movies...

That aside, I would say it's as much a need for us to do something with our lives that matters as it is for us to want to be remembered.

Whether we're having bloody marys or margaritas, cheers to you and the rest of the bots for taking action.

leigh said...

Hey there,
I know that y'all may not be down with silly ol'Blog awards but I sent one your way. Come check it out and pass it on if you want or just come check it out and be all like "Yeah...we are flippin cool."