Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One more robot wants to be something more than a machine

By this point, you may have concluded that the Lazy Robot crew stands for little more than boozing it up and good fun. Not so, my friend. As Y pointed out below, she and I took some time out of our busy partying schedules on Saturday to participate in a demonstration to demand action on global warming.

Step It Up organized over 1,300 events this past weekend to raise awareness about global warming. We dressed in blue, formed a “Sea of People” and stood two blocks from the east waterfront of lower Manhattan to represent where New York’s coastline is expected to lie in the future. You can read about some of the other ways in which protesters made their voices heard here.

I’m thrilled to be living in a city where thousands gather for good causes like this.

And speaking of things about NYC I love; people complain all the time about the cost of living here. I’d like to take this moment to point out that after the “Sea of People” parted, we stepped it up and over to the East Village where we scored two Bloody Marys, three Margaritas and a hearty brunch all for a mere $25! Where else can you do that?

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