Friday, April 6, 2007

Bunnies, Chocolates and Resurrection

What I really meant was: Open Bars, Sleeping and Kobe Beef Burgers

The night started off innocently enough, couple of 3 dollar drinks at our fave, the Con, then we were off to the W. Village to attend Void Magazine's 2-year anniversary. While we were there we managed to take advantage of the fabo open bar, downing a couple and then meeting the lovely bathroom attendant. Starting the night at 7ish means ending back up at the Con for a mid-night pizza snack and yes, another drink followed by our favorite cocktail waitress buying us shots, (love you!).

Somehow (A) and I decided to jet out to Clinton Hill to hit up the Sputnik night, the place reminded us of the array of coffee shops furnished with sofas we frequented in Athens, GA when we were undergrads there. Dj Dad rocked the house, sadly for only a few chaps weathering the cold.

As Thursday killed the weekend, Friday and Saturday for the bots were spent catching up on sleep, vegetating in front of the tube, running in McCarren park in the freezing cold and cleaning the homestead.

Easter Sunday rolled around and I got up early, yes, to run again and then spent too much time on myspace only to be late to my brunch date with Ms. J and her best friend, gay lover, Don (who is moving :( but he needs it so it should be a happy face). On the way to brunch I managed to snap this young chap, learning how to skateboard, cutie putie! and check out the monte christo at the Stanton Social, so yummy! I would of taken a pic of the Kobe burger but that was gone in 1 second.

Sondra and I met up afterwards to do our ritual scan of periodicals at the bookstore, consuming some sugar and lots of caffeine and then we hit up the homestead to finally watch Borat and Babel. Lets just say I couldn't go to bed after watching babel, so disturbing.

I wonder what we'll get into this weekend?

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alex said...

Yer! Get in touch with me, im back on Saturday. Nights of coolness and debauchery await us