Monday, September 8, 2008

Old school brand new

Even though Hurricane Hannah pushed last weekend's EVR Festival from Saturday to Sunday, most acts were still able to perform. Sadly, such was not the case for celebri-deejay Mark Ronson (and his hot pink "gournal"), a last minute addition to the lineup. Easy come, easy go.

Still the day was far from a loss as we were able to catch a short set by LA based hip hop/trip hop/idm/dubstep producer extraordinaire, Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus, AKA the happiest guy in the beat making business, was all smiles as he dropped a number of heavy tunes including his Lil' Wayne track "Robo Tussin" and a brand new remix of Radiohead's "Reckoner," which he said our crowd was the first to hear.

While Flylo was easily the highlight of the day, coming in at a close second was KRS-One who managed to lay down some real hip hop all whilst waxing political and peddling the food which was on sale care of Frankie's in the tents at the back.

At one point, he called out for the crowd to grab their cameras and "Meet me by the chicken!" And most people did.

Also entertaining was the fact that Flylo supplied the beats for the first half of his set. The old-timer didn't seem to know what to do with the experimental sounds.

Regardless, looks like you've still got it, KRS-One. Word to that chicken! (And the salmon too.)

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