Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hello, hello, hella nice to meet you!

What can I say? I'll start with a little introduction. I am Sondra (hella nice to meet you), and I'm loving life in New York right now! It has a lot to do with the fact that Diplo kicked ass friday night at Studio B. Yes it was crowded and there were out of control drunken antics, but I danced till I was sweaty and that makes any night successful. (Side note to all the hotties that circle and never speak just step up!Damnit man!) I am sure my lovely cohorts will have more on that for you. My love also has something to do with the fact that the weather is getting warmer, and it has just a little to do with the fact that drinking outside on bustling restaurant patios is one of my favorite passtimes (okay drinking in general is one of my favorite passtimes, you got me). Lots of people complain about the summers in New York, not me! Sure there are days when I sit pressed up against my air conditioner, in my underwear, eating ice cubes (which is a little awkward when your roommates walk in, trust me) but I would much rather do that than freeze. I hate my big bubble coat, I hate my big bubble coat, I hate my big bubble coat. sorry. Yeah, so New York = good times right now. Thanks for reading and it's been hella nice meeting you.

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yer_bot said...

welcome lady, its about goddamn time!