Wednesday, April 4, 2007

An open letter to

I still believe in you It's not your fault ruthless bar managers are using you to bring in the booze hounds, and getting all panicky about how big the turnout is and shutting down the open bar earlier than advertised. I've noticed it repeatedly from one particular east village spot (Oh that open bar was from 12:00 to 12:15) and now it's becoming a little more widespread. Don't they know how New Yorkers flock to free booze?! Don't they know we'll do anything to save a buck?! That's precisely what they do know, and they're just hoping that we'll be lazy enough to stick around and pay full price for the booze they're slinging. Well I have a warning for you bar manager/owner/whoever the warmer months are coming and I just might leave your bar to find a better deal. While I do appreciate the open bar phenomenon I also appreciate a little consistency and maybe a little respect for your patrons. Meanwhile I still believe in you, you have steered me towards some good times and I still think you've got a trick or two up your sleeve.


yer_bot said...

whats astonishing is, everyone at these m.o.b. fiascos are not terribly busted, not to mention the hotness that is the lazyrobots are usually there. this is our year ladies, m.o.b. and outdoor boozing, what else can you ask for, except maybe if diplo were our personal dj :)

aurelie_bot said...

why stop at diplo? let's get mark ronson too :) open bars, booze cruises and beer gardens, here we come!