Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ode to Thursday

Is Thursday really the new Friday and Saturday, put together? It seems like it, at least it will be this weekend. The Lazyrobot's debaucherous affairs are cooling down just a bit this weekend, considering we've been going non-stop, don't stop, for the past two weeks. Next week is big, Friday the 13th festivities, including Mark Farina on Thursday, Carrie Whitenoise on Friday and Kascade on Saturday, (thanks Cesar) and the one and only Hot Chip the following weekend, where do I catch my breath?

On tonight's agenda: a literary booze fest in honor of Void Magazine and then to the deep dark corners of Brooklyn, Clinton Hill for Skylab and our favorite newest Dad, Adam Smith working the ones and ones, holla.

Stay tuned tomorrow for what went down.

For a little something to get all of us through to the weekend, a little poem in honor of spring


shut in between clouds
a hand shoves through
inching slowly through the crevice
with no one behind to push him forward
he's falling at his own free will
his excitement felt in fevers
sprinkling down
rays of soft light

the blue warms a bit and the green grows only taller
but his body continues to wrap around and disappear
into the colors we breathe


sondra_bot said...

Aww I had to sniff back a little tear...very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hot Chip next weekend? And three nights of dancing and debauchery planned for this weekend? Meanwhile, I'm driving my cousin, her baby, and my younger sibs to Fresno and speaking to college prep students about the bright prospects for their futures. What's wrong with this picture? Hating is bad for my health but you make it hard, lady.

aurelie_bot said...

ouch thursday! you hella kicked my ass...