Thursday, March 15, 2007

F*ck Baltimore (Part 3 of 3)

We woke up just in time to miss the noon checkout at the hotel. After brunch, it was already time to drop me off so I could catch the bus back to my beloved NYC. Jeffrey, Loic and I broke out into a sweet French rendition of YMCA in the back seat of the car (Jeune homme, j'ai dit jeune homme...i grec-emme-cé-a!) as our driver fumbled through the streets of "Washtington" in search of DC's Chinatown.

They found the spot, we hugged through it (the goodbye) and I hopped on the bus, where I immediately went into bitch mode, putting on my giant sunglasses and headphones in order to avoid the type of incident I was forced to endure on the way up.

The bus stops in Baltimore to pick up and drop off people en route to New York but one of the young Asian kids running the show made an executive decision to bypass Baltimore and send the bus straight to New York because "That's bullshit, it's too busy on the weekends" and "Fuck Baltimore." Can't argue with reasoning like that. I had a cruel little laugh to myself as we drove through Baltimore, picturing those poor people waiting for a bus that wouldn't come. (There are buses every hour so it's not that mean!) Three and a half hour later, I was back in New York.

My trip was short and sweet. It all went by way too fast but it was worth it to spend a few hours with good friends that I never see. Yet another great thing about living in New York: The ability to get away from it for a day or two for such a ridiculously low price. ($35 round trip.)

So where should I take the Chinatown bus to next? Boston? Philly? Baltimore...?

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