Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Models as Muse, Exhibition at the Costume Institute

Models as Muse: Embodying Fashion opens May 6!

The show has already opened up to a bit of controversy. Critics claim the theme of the show lack substance, some feel the show will not capture or in the least inspire the public who is going through a deep recession. Controversy over fashion designer Alaia pulling out of the show has also raised questions about Anna Wintor's (Vogue editor) influence and power over the Costume Institute. I think I lost it at, "fashion industry DRAMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA." Overall the show will be successful because it's packed with entertainment and beauty, lots of important fashion photography, iconic magazine covers, etc. Big ups to the creative director, John Meyer and hair and makeup stylist, Julian D'ys who really turned a kind of boring topic (supermodels? really? ) into a visually appealing show, but I guess that's not so hard since supermodels are already gorgeous.

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