Thursday, October 1, 2009

ARTIN' IT UP! James Mother&#^@in' ENSOR!

As summer winds down to a bitter hella cold, we're left often wondering, "what in the heck did we do during all those non-summer months,"(besides frequenting our usual drinking holes, I mean). The bots, I do have to say are great at "Artin' it up!" It helps that the NYC is loaded with art every corner we turn. But, as I write this blog I realize in lazy typical fashion, the art show in which I will speak of is, OVA!
The James Ensor show @ MOMA just closed :( damn, stan, my apologizes.

For those of you that managed to take any art history courses in your academic careers Ensor was this wacky Belgian Expresssionist painter who was crazy about the ocean, death and light. But MOMA surpasses these themes to present a show that traces Ensor's development as an artist and one who appreciated both human comedy and tragedy. Thankfully for those of you that missed the show, MOMA still houses a great interactive website here.

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