Thursday, October 22, 2009

An open letter to Cielo

Dear Cielo,

Why is it harder for me to get into you than it is for me to get back into America when I go to Canada without my green card?

Is it truly necessary for you to inspect every cigarette out of a cigarette pack? Can I really not bring in my bottle of Aleve if it is no longer sealed. Because honestly, if I wanted to sneak drugs into you, I would just hide them in my underwear.

I don't really know how we got here. Rumor has it someone OD'ed. But honestly, don't you think you've gone a little far?

And by the way, if I see something, I doubt I'll say anything. Club kids stick together. This isn't the MTA and I'm not being inappropriately felt up during rush hour. Your patrons probably need a little something extra once they get inside to forget the fact that they're paying $12 for well vodka sodas.

Oh and also, you should know that people are now just doing their drugs outside of you before they get inside. Your methods are really just making it hard for them to pace themselves, which kind of sounds dangerous to me.



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