Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Bento Box

I will master you, eat you and take photos of you. Why are you so awesome?

I've been obsessing lately over Bento Boxes and the amazing things you can do to the lunch box. Although originating from Japan, the land of all things cute, the art of lunch boxing is pretty much a global phenomena. We've all packed our lunches in one way or another, wimpy turkey sandwiches and a crapass plastic bag of old carrot sticks, left overs from the night before stuffed in a recycled take out container . . . sounds kinda depressing compared to the Japanese who have taken the "Sandwich Artist" term to a whole new level. I mean, a piggy rice mold and sunflower hard boiled egg? I'm not sure if I can eat another sandwich EVER again!
According to NY Times, (that's how serious this has gotten) the visual aesthetic of a Bento Box is a great way to command portion control and lure the non-foodie over to enlightened side of "really, really good lookin" food. Because of all of these reasons and because I love food and all things cute, small and hello kitty, I have pledged a vow to become a "Bento-ist" a Bento Artist! Stay tuned to Dear Bento Box for future photos and adventures!

(You can buy the above Bento Box from Goodbyn)

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