Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CR Adventure [Night Two] - Volcan Look

The quaint little town of La Fortuna boasts one place to get your groove on, Volcan Look. You literally can't miss it as three enormous spotlights from its parking lot shoot its glorious location well into the starry skies. Parking isn't free but with just the right amount of B.S. you can talk yourself into the club for free (or just go ahead and pay the steep $3 cover.)

There are at least ten males for every female in Volcan Look and it only takes about five minutes of standing awkwardly on a dance floor before the swarming begins. The enormous club has a downstairs area which is closed but could hold a few thousand people yet only a couple hundred or so are there.

The music is fun and the drinks are practically free but the sausage party proves to be a bit much for most of our party so we don't kick it there for too long.

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