Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CR Adventure [Night Two] - Lava Lounge

On our way to dinner, we run into one of the guys that sat in the row in front of us on the flight from Cancun to San José and next thing you know, we're in a car, heading into La Fortuna once again for some group dining. During said drive, we are told that in Costa Rica, if you go to jail, you can't just get bailed out and are likely to get stuck in there for a month. Good to know!

We end up at a restaurant called Lava Lounge, a clever name for a restaurant in a town that lies at the foot of a volcano. Coincidentally, two of our new friends have lived in Atlanta and appreciate the fact, as we do, that there is also a Lava Lounge there.

The cevice is not great but the Mojitos are and the friendly staff will gladly give you to-go cups if you can't finish yours before your crew is ready to hit the road and head over to the discotheque. My kind of joint!

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