Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CR Adventure [Day Three] - Worst drive ever

Besides the complete lack of cell phone service and ATM's, I think my least favorite thing about Costa Rica would have to be the driving situation. The roads are all winding and hilly and all cars have manual transmissions. It can be quite nauseating.

Getting up for the five hour drive from Arenal to Manuel Antonio is an effort not to be taken lightly. We are relieved when we stop at a tiny rest area/gift shop where we can purchase some food to soak up last night's hangover and some "Viajesan," Central America's answer to "Dramamine."

Our small shuttle consist of ourselves and an older couple enjoying their retirement the way I plan to enjoy mine. I can't help but wonder what they're thinking as we recall the previous night's shenanigans and giggle throughout the drive. Sorry oldies, that's how we do!

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