Friday, February 26, 2010

CR Adventure [Day Six] - Miracle blizzard flight home

They tell us it's snowing in New York but we're optimistic. On the other hand, getting stuck in Cancun is far from the worst situation you could find yourself in.

At the airport, we meet up with the Chicago crew from Tabacón and compare photos from the rest of the trip. They are vastly different -- ours include sunsets and monkeys, theirs include bikini shots of hot girls they met.

On our first flight, I am mesmerized by a woman with a lifelike baby doll wearing its seat belt in the aisle across from our row. I'm pretty sure that baby is full of drugs.

On our second flight, one of our new friends who was bound for DC but rerouted to New York gets extra beers from the stewardess by telling her it's my birthday and it feels like it is. But soon, we will find ourselves back in frigid New York where a blizzard has covered the the entire city in a blanket of whiteness.

It's been real Costa Rica. I hope to see you again real soon. Pura Vida!

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