Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CR Adventure [Day Three] - Costa Verde

We finally reach our destination, Hotel Costa Verde in Manuel Antonio. The hotel is nestled in the middle of the rainforest and signs all over the property read "Still More Monkeys Than People," which is a bit of a stretch but we do see a lot of wildlife while we're there in the form of monkeys, massive iguanas and even a sloth.

We upgrade to a "partially air-conditioned" room. It's not air conditioned at all but rather completely open. Instead of walls, there are only screens. It's like sleeping in the jungle, an amazing, and loud, experience.

Costa Verde has an adult only pool area and the bartender there makes the self proclaimed best Piña Coladas in the world. (He's not kidding.) There's also a plane converted into a room that you can stay in for a cool $500 a night. It's probably not the most authentic experience you can have but well worth checking out.

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