Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CR Adventure [Day Four] - Surfing

Three or four years ago, someone clued me into the concept of Costa Rican surf camps. These are vacations with the sole purpose of learning how to surf. You surf by day and sleep in beachside bungalows by night. It sounds incredible and is definitely something I intend to do someday.

But for now, we only have five days so we settle for a surfing lesson which lasts approximately two hours. When our instructors pick us up from the hotel I find myself wondering why they're not in school as they look about 14 years old but they turn out to be in their early 20's.

We get up on the boards numerous times and completely shred the "mar" and own the "olas" all morning. My instructor can't say my name and insists on calling me "Caroline." Meanwhile, Yer sits on the beach drinking mojitos and listens to stories about how only women take surfing lessons here and that a 60-year old was even able to get up on a surfboard recently. I start to think that anything is possible in this country.

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