Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CR Adventure [Night Two] - Tabacón After Dark

After a long night of dodgy driving and Imperial consuming all over La Fortuna, there is only one way to relax - hot springs. But wait -- the hot springs close at 10pm. Or do they...?

What follows is a stealth mission that includes scaling walls and climbing up a rocky river in slippery sandals and flip flops. For some of us, including myself, the adventure ends under a bridge as a young worker scans the river with a flashlight and we're huddled up against the banks trying as hard as we can not to make a sound. We are adults. We paid good money to stay at the resort and use the springs all day. We don't need to go to jail over this.

So we head back to the hotel, minus one flip flop for Yer, muddy and disheveled to get a little shut eye before our 7am wake up call. But those who made it to the top spoke highly of Tabacón After Dark so if you find yourself in the area and thirsty for adventure, don't rule it out.

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