Monday, July 2, 2007

Coney Island is so money, honey

A couple weekends ago, Sondra and I rode the F train all the way to its bitter end in sunny and somewhat skanky Coney Island.

The plat du jour being served over there was the annual Mermaid Parade. Since Disney purchased Coney Island, this would seem to be the last time this event would take place here and throes of freaks and barely dressed geeks made the journey in tow to celebrate the end of this era.

We watched the parade and even managed to score a decent spot where we could see, quite a feat for two girls who stand barely above 5'2".

After the parade, as if by fate, we ran into some old UGA chums and took it to the next level. Two Astroland Cyclone rides, at least one pirate ship run and what now seems like 50 beers later, we were dancing on the boardwalk and having the time of our lives. (They have DJ's out there every Saturday.) This was easily the best day of the summer thus far. It was also only the second day of the summer. It's going to be quite a summer!

As usual, I had to take it one step further by hitting up a bar in Clinton Hill with two guys named Evan afterwards. How often can you say that? And to top it all off, as we exited the subway in Park Slope, some people had set up telescopes and were showing everyone the moon and Jupiter! Only in New York

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