Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mini-vacate in New Haven

J and I spent some time in his hometown of New Haven this past weekend and spent most of it roaming around downtown Yale and eating delicious foods (thanks to the stellar cooking of his Dad). Friday night was spent acquainting myself with his crew of mostly guys and drinking alot of cheap, cheap drinks, it was glorious!
Saturday we hit the trails and climbed up the Sleeping Giant Mountain to one of the most beautiful days I've seen in a while. The weather was cool and crisp and the view was amazing. We had lunch at this great noodle shop downtown, which reminded me so much of downtown Athens and all the great bars and cheap foods. J had this amazing fish ball noodle soup.

Sunday we took a scenic drive around town and then 45 mins out to Hartford where J's school is. It was nice to be in a car and the weather was so wonderful. We came back to his parent's house where his dad grilled up some lamb, pineapple, asparagus and potatoes. It was delicious and we had a mini wine tasting (mostly of Australian wines) paired with some lovely cheese. Both of his parents definitely know how to eat and drink! After dinner we sat down to watch all of the Flight of the Concords episodes. See A-bot's posting on this. This show is fabulous and we laughed our asses off!

I did catch a bit of art while I was downtown, there was an exhibit called 101 Dresses and this dress was in the show. Who would've known dunken donuts was fashionable?

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aurelie_bot said...

ha! i figured you'd finally seen FOTC since you changed your myspace name. brilliant, right?