Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Band together, stop the madness

Is there some kind of magnetic pull that draws herds of Mr. Softee trucks and causes them to line the street outside McCarren pool on Sundays? And has anyone besides me had it up to here with the maniacal tune those treats on wheels emit?

But weirdest of all, has anyone noticed that the chant only increases in volume the further away you get from the trucks, making it nearly impossible to use those trucks as a point of reference to find your friends or your way around the area and also to get the song out of your head.

If I hear that tune one more time, I may go postal on the ice cream man. And I have a feeling I'm not alone.

So I'm proposing a boycott. I'm not buying anything from that franchise until they stop the noise.

Lucky for me, and those who choose to support my cause, there is no deficit of alternates for acquiring sweet frozen treats in or our of McCarren pool. There's a quiet guy with a small cart that stands near the entrance selling "Coco and Cherry" flavored "Helados." And once inside, you can purchase ice cream sandwiches for a mere two bucks.

So please people, don't encourage Mr. Softee. Let's end this noise pollution once and for all. Do it for me. Do it for you, Do it for Mr. Mr. Softee driver. Do it for our collective sanity.


Anonymous said...

It's not the noise it is the pollution they spew from the trucks because they never shut the engine off. Boycott them for polluting the air and wasting resources.

Cybill said...

Thanks for writing this.