Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Diplo + iPhones = Good times

Have you wanted to check out Apple's swanky new iPhone but, like me, have you been too lazy to actually drag yourself down to the Apple store to do so? Shopping can be a bit drab. Wouldn't it be more fun if you could consume while one of your favorite DJ's laid down tune after killer tune?

Enter Apple's Midnight Mix, a series of appearances by some of today's hottest electronic acts in the retailer's Fifth Avenue Manhattan location. Past performers include Mark Ronson and Fran├žois K. Spank Rock is slated to make an appearance in September.

Friday night, Diplo took the helm and treated a crowd that comfortably took up about half the space to two hours of signature Diplo madness.

As usual, he effortlessly kept his enthusiastic fans cheering and dancing with new and old jams (including my current favorite of his, "Work Is Never Over" -- aka the story of my life) while spanning an expansive amount of musical sub genres.

Although I didn't buy anything, not even FreeNYC's claim that drinking or dancing wouldn't take place there, I heard the registers ring throughout the night and those who weren't plunking down cash for coveted Apple goods were at least testing out the merchandise by documenting the evening on the iPhones on display. I bet the store employees entertained themselves heavily going through all those photos the next day.

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