Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New covert watering hole in the Burg

You know you've truly found a special place when you can purchase a beer for $3.50 in a giant styrofoam cup, leave with it and drink it in the park with your homeslice while pondering what passes for hipster fashion these days.

Last Saturday was all about some Williamsburg. First on the agenda was McCarren Park where the Dirty South Crunkballers wiped the park clean against teams from Rhode Island and Brooklyn. Then we hit up Capone's for some beer and, of course, free pizza. (Where were you, hot bar back? Olive juice!)

With our bellies full and a lingering hint of thirst, we proceeded to the usual haunts, Union Pool and Barcade (I'm still in tears over missing the Wiimbledon tournament there two Sundays ago.)

On our way from Union Pool to Barcade, we stumbled upon a brand new spot. We frequent that area fairly regularly, yet had zero inkling that anything was even going up. I have two theories on why that might be, the first being our usual state when we walk by there (inebriation) and the second being the nondescript outside façade of this new joint. In fact, I didn't see a name anywhere or a street number on the outside. All I can say for sure is that it was sandwiched between 462 and 466 Union Avenue.

One step inside revealed a cool, trendy spot full of attractive people, perhaps a little hoity-toity for the burg. The best part is the back patio a la Union Pool, a must for summer and for smokers.

Will this new spot complete the trifecta of weekend Union Avenue must-hit places? Will I ever find out its name? Watch this space for answers to these conundrums and so much more.

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