Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ain't no party like a Vice Mag party

Can you remember the last time you drank Colt 45 out of a brown paper bag, threw your skateboard in the air and waved it like you just don't care? I can and it was last night.

Some friends and I took a cab over to our favorite Greenpoint hotspot, Studio B, to catch Ed Banger records DJ, Mr. Oizo.

We nearly dozed off during the opening "band," whose only song I can now recall "Push It Out" raised a lot of questions in my head (Push WHAT out? from WHERE?) We quickly snapped out of it when Oizo took over the DJ booth though.

His set evoked more than one collective "What the fuck???" from us. The Ed Banger crew simply makes and plays some ridiculous music.

If you ever rocked the game "Bust A Groove" (and "Bust A Groove 2") on the original Playstation, think of the last stage, Robo Z. Basically, that's the Ed Banger sound. And those guys come from my native land, France.

Mr. Oizo's set featured some new stuff that blew me away, a handful of classic tracks, one insane remix of Daft Punk's "Human After All," the obligatory Uffie song and what I believe was the original version of the White Stripes "Blue Orchid." It was interesting how well that song fit into the rest of the set.

Don't be surprised if you come across a picture of me sucking down a Colt 45 out of a brown paper bag in an upcoming issue of Vice. That's how I roll, son.

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