Monday, February 4, 2008

TF @ Hugs

For weeks, perhaps months even, my old Atlanta room mate, DJ Carrie Whitenoise has been telling us about her weekly, "Do It", at new Williamsburg hotspot, Hugs. I still haven't managed to check out her Tuesday night, because I am "boring" and have to show up at a "job" every Wednesday morning, but I did make it out there last Friday night for some hot Treasure Fingers action.

With its low, rounded ceilings, speakers directly in the walls, and long cavernous layout, Hugs conjures up a more dungeon-like feel than its name implies. The sound isn't bad; minus one questionable speaker I had the misfortune of sitting in front of early in the night. The DJ setup in the back leaves a bit to be desired but TF still managed to churn out a rocking set.

It was good to see everyone out, especially the B's (Blair and Brian) and the R's (Reba and Ross – a veritable party on wheels.) We got our dance on; we played some Skee-Ball and munched on some cupcakes. What more can you ask for?

Here’s to hoping that Treasure Fingers graces us with his presence again real soon!

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cwhitenoise said...

I promise if you + S and/or Y ever make it to Tuesday night.. your seeking fun at one of my parties will become reality.. there' always a really cool crowd on Tues.. i guess we're just lucky b/c o f the location and good reputation for the place itself.. anyways,. after all the times you all came out.. it was nothing compared to hugs on tues..

btw love this blog