Wednesday, February 20, 2008

J'adore Yelle

After work yesterday, I stopped by the B’s favorite Chelsea happy hour spot, The Trailer Park Lounge, for some amazing $5 mango margaritas. There, I got into an argument with a friend of theirs over which one of us was more French that reached a boiling point where we both threatened to whip out our passports for proof. In the end, I think I won the argument by dipping out on the group to catch French electro pop singer Yelle at the Knitting Factory.

To quote my friend Jon, Yelle “is what Uffie should’ve been if Uffie had any talent.” This was the first U.S. show for 25-year old Yelle, aka my new girl crush with the amazing fashion sense (Sorry M.I.A.) and the small room was filled to capacity. With our big winter coats in tow, because the coat check was full, we squeezed our way into to the crowd and listened to Lauren Flax drop some dated rave tunes. Then Kap10Kurt hit the stage and put on a really good show and finally, it was time for Yelle.

Yelle was, of course, super cute and super fun. She danced across the stage and performed a handful of tunes from her debut album, Pop Up. Particularly fun were “Mal Poli,” (which I found applied to the crowd) “Dans Ta Vrai Vie” (featuring my favorite lyric of hers “Mais ce soir en rentrant chez toi tu seras seul devant ton Mac”) and the closer “A Cause Des Garçons.”

Special thanks go out to the girl who handed me my medical insurance card and debit card at the end of the show. Evidently, they fell out of my purse when I was jumping up and down like a maniac during the last song! Genius.

In case you haven’t heard, Big Stereo recently did a remix contest for one of Yelle’s songs “Ce Jeu.” Check it out here and run out and buy Pop Up if you don’t already own it.

So much good music coming out of France these days… Kind of makes me wonder what I’d be doing with my life if I’d never left!

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