Sunday, February 24, 2008

Matmos @ Stone, 2/23/08

Saturday, J and I hit up alphabet city to check out a small intimate show with the San Fran, now Baltimore, experimental, electronic duo, Matmos. To our disbelief, the venue, Stone, was the tiniest I had ever been to in New York. While the city is well-known for being a hotbed for sexy music shows filled to the max with fans, music-goers, fancy lights and banging sound systems, the Stone was a dream, hosting 80-100 seats with no distracting bar noise. Second reason for its dreamy attribution: no advance ticket sales, so that means, fans really win while scalpers and ebayers can die! The line wait was only 20mins.

As a non-profit performance venue who is solely dedicated to avant-garde and experimental music, Stone hosted the quirky electronic, nerdy, Bjork-producing music/noise of Matmos who began the set with a track that featured music created with a pair of white rubber rain boots. The enchanting evening ended with a beautiful "tele-opera" number featuring a reading of Robert Ashley's Opera, Perfect Lives.

Kudos to the band and to the venue! P.S. sorry for the shitty video :(

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Modestmerlin said...

zorn has thankfully kept the stone as one of nyc's most avant-garde, non-commercialized, and accessible performance art venues. the day i see a promoter like a.e.g live, live nation, or bowery presents take over something like the stone is the day i literally pack up and leave nyc.