Monday, February 11, 2008

Did anyone see Daft Punk performing with Kanye West on the Grammy Awards last night? The best parts were all the shots from inside the pyramid, which you never really get to see. I had to rewind the Tivo at least five times!

Snowboarding on Saturday, I found myself green with envy because my friend had headphones in his helmet and was jamming out to a live set of theirs from Coachella while we were riding.

So yesterday, I tracked down a recording I have from the show we went to here in August and listened to it at the gym. It has a fair amount of talking in it but the sound quality is good and it brings back the experience vividly.

(I bet the Coachella recording doesn't have Kendra saying " I want a helmet. They look so f*cking cool," in the middle of "Da Funk," my all-time favorite daft punk song. Classic!)

Has everyone heard "Discovered"? It was passed onto me along with the new Hot Chip (Thanks B!) and I have to say that it's a very interesting listen. Obviously most of the electronic music we listen to is sampled from other songs but it's interesting to see how heavily. The compilation is eye opening and well worth checking out for those of us, like me, who aren't way up to speed on their obscure funk.

(p.s. - I still love you robots!)

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