Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I DJ with my iPhone

Lately, I’ve been reaping the benefits of a special subsection of friends I like to call “Friends with Cars.” Last weekend, Marsha and Kathleen graciously offered their sets of wheels to take us all up to Vermont for a weekend of fun in the snow. And last night, the Jon G Express pulled up curbside outside my pad around 11p.m. to transport me to the fun side of Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and specifically Hugs, where he was DJ’ing Ms. Carrie Whitenoise’s weekly, "Do It."

When we got there, Jon spent at least half an hour rewiring the sound and lights which apparently got messed up when a DJ that works there was fired earlier in the night and decided to take his anger out on the setup. He was able to get the sound working properly but the best that he could do about the lights was one strobe that erred more on the side of annoying than anything else.

Elizabeth and I played some Skee-Ball, found out the hard way that drink tickets are only good for WELL liquor and caught up with Carrie while Jon played a solid set that included a bunch of killer CSS, Hot Chip and Justice remixes. There wasn’t much of a crowd, partially due to the Tuesday night aspect and partially due to the fact that it rained earlier that night but it was still a fun night with some choice tunes.

My heart goes out to the girl who lost her purse that contained the security deposit she’d just gotten back from her apartment. Ouch.

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robert w ashton said...

sometimes I miss djing, but I could live without having to "fix" wacked out gear set-ups...sucksall the fun out of an otherwise fun time