Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Warm-up, Project Runway Season 4

It's too early to pick favorites (although I'm a bit partial to the New Yorkers) or predict who's a style maven or just a fashion faux pas but I do have to say season 4 players are quite the hard hitters. Check out my quick list of player stats and tune in tomorrow night to the season premiere. May Tim Gunn be with all of you.

-The boys outnumber the girls by one.
-The average age is 34, the youngest being 21 and the oldest, 46.
-One designer has dressed celebs such as, Fergie, Jessica Alba, Erykah Badu, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan .
-Three went to Parson's School of Design and two went to the Fashion Institute of Technology.
-One designer co-wrote a D.I.Y. book on t-shirt makeovers while another is a model with a joint degree in Sociology and Fine Arts.
-One designer has 13 siblings and designs the label, Lizalde.
-Of 15 of the designers 10 have their own professional clothing lines and one has their own florist shop .
-There are two international designers, one from the West Bank and one from Korea.
-One designer has her own Wikipedia entry.
-And does anyone care about the models? Not really.