Saturday, November 10, 2007


One of my ultimate favorite things to do EVER is thrift store shop. I long for those long weekend days that would start out with a Krystal Spicy Chik a coke and a drive to the several Value Villages in Atlanta. My best friend and I (Tom C. Lee) would raid the shop coming out with garbage bags full of jackets, sweaters, dresses, belts, hats, purses and jewelry. It was truly a dream and I miss those days terribly since moving to New Yawk. I gotta say as much as J'adore the NYC I really hate the thrift stores here. Charging over 25 bucks for a thrift store dress that you would normally purchase for 2.99 is absurd. Help a sister out! I work in nonprofit and go to grad school, one more strike and I'd be a fashion faux pas the rest of my life.

This weekend's trip to New Haven, CT granted a chance to hit the few thrift stores around town and the last Salvation Army Jake and I visited resulted in a handful of great items all for the blowout price of $26.76. WHAT A FRIGGIN STEAL!

Here are the photos:


Anonymous said...

Just the sweaters? Or did you buy the jewelry, too? And I totally understand about the overpricing. That's how it is on Haight.

yer_bot said...

the owl necklace a value village find for like 2 bucks the gold necklace forever21 $5.99.

aurelie_bot said...

totally jealous. i want to go to new haven now!