Thursday, November 15, 2007

Drum and bass is alive and Budapest

Last Saturday night, I hit up a dubstep night in the Slope and ran into a friend of a friend who also happens to be a regular reader of our blog.

He gave me some slack for posting an old Treasure Fingers mix last week and I replied that TF primarily produces drum and bass and had been focusing on that and touring Europe recently. I was then faced with an interesting question.

"Drum and bass? Does that even still exist?"

It turns out that it does. In Budapest, as evidenced by the video above where a 3000 strong showing came out in support of Mr. TF himself, spinning under his dnb alias, The Enemy (of Evol Intent.)

In fact, all of Europe still has a really good drum and bass scene but Eastern Europe takes it to ridiculous levels. As though pyrotechnics and S&M dancers on stage weren't enough, where else would you expect to watch a magician saw a girl in half in front of you right in the middle of your DJ set, revealing all his tricks to you as his victim glances over and winks at you?

Be on the lookout for a full length LP from the Evol Intent crew entitled Era of Diversion which is slated for release February 11 (UK) and February 12 (US). The album will consist of 19 tracks total with only 7 being drum and bass. The rest will be idm, downtempo, glitchpop and post rock and Evol Intent will be doing a live instruments tour to support it starting March 7th.

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BRAND-1 said...

I was really only half-serious about my question. I do remember a day when I listened to Goldie, That Guy Called Gerald, Metalheadz Comps and []pusher (who I still listen to), but at some point it fell out of favor for me. Maybe that's why it feels dated or even seems non-existent in my eyes. But thanks to LazyRobots, I have an update that DnB is going strong in Europe. Who knows, it may become popular back in the states soon... Since I like TF so much, I will probably have to check out Evol Intent's new album!

If you don't remember the mp3 blog I recommended, it's
Check out "Timbaland vs Hot Chip - Give It To My Boy From School." Anyway, they have over 100 mash-ups and in some ways it's easier to find everything on their myspace page, which has direct links to the zshare downloads: