Friday, November 30, 2007

Dear God,

It's me Yer and I just wanted to thank you for bringing Banksy to New York.

I've admired the politicking, graffiti artist and ninja, Banksy, for a long time now since first discovering his mad hatter ways while living in London and seeing his art work canvas the city. I love his incognito ways, his graphic style, his political balls busting imagery. Can I go as far as saying, Banksy is my hero? No, because he wouldn't want me to believe in heroes. Well, let me just say he's the no. 1 badass, next to Bruce Lee, of course and I'm thankful he is a part of this generation of artists.

Bansky uses his medium to attack and question all that is wrong with today's society and he continues to say something with his art and I love this kind of sensibility. Even though there's been flack about how his art work has been selling for millions and how he's a sell out, aren't the real suckers the museums and dealers willing to pay these crazy prices, esp. since his work is mostly public art already?

I'd be content with staying in all weekend just to prepare myself for the opening on Sunday at the Vanin Holasek Gallery but the no. 1 DJ extraordinaire and overall HOTTIE, Diplo, is in town so I'll try to hit up that up, but Banksy, I'm really saving myself for you, love.

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Anonymous said...

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