Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Help This Kid Out!

Putting the New York bitterness aside, it's nice to hear stories of love at first sight and the crazy things that we do to obtain this love. You have to admit, most of the time we end up shrugging the cute guy on the train off or looking down when our eyes lock with a potential tenderoni. Not Patrick Moberg, he spotted the GIRL OF HIS DREAMS the other night on the 5 train and started a website, NYGirlOfMyDreams. The site is a plea for a meet and greet with the rosy-cheeked girl writing in her journal wearing blue tights, that got off at Bowling Green stop.

I'm just passing this on to help him, secretly hoping that fairytales and romance do seriously exist. Check out a video of him here, (he's cute, ladies!) and he may or may not interview with CNN tomorrow?

UPDATE: He found her, hopefully there's a love connection.


LA said...

"blogerating" love it!

aurelie_bot said...

lmao. i love the part where it points to his head and says "not insane." that is oh so very important! good luck patrick!