Sunday, November 11, 2007

Guitar art show

I'll admit it, if you place a guitar in front of me and it isn't made of plastic with five big rainbow colored buttons on the fret bar, confusion ensues. But last Thursday night, I took the N train down to M1-5 in Soho to meet up with John and Christina for the Syrup Kids’ first art show where starter acoustic guitars served as blank canvases for 18 local artists. The result was interesting and possibly the most fun I’ve had with guitars not attached to my Playstation in weeks.

We perused the various interpretations for a few hours while sipping on the drink special ($3 Bud Lights) and listening to Postal Services remixes and Cut Copy. Every piece was highly original with materials ranging from acrylic and spray paint to metallic markers, paper-maché and googly eyes.

In case you’re in the market for a custom guitar, all the pieces went up on Ebay the day after the show and can be found here. If I had some extra scratch, I’d snatch up one of these in a heartbeat (my favorite is the last one in the slideshow) so don’t sleep! And from what I hear, Syrup kids have more shows in the works (Custom toasters? Snowboards?) So be on the lookout for more things from these cool cats in the future.

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