Thursday, March 5, 2009

Viva La Arepa

Sitting in Bushwick Country Club on Tuesday night, retrieving drinks with dinosaurs, I found myself beyond befuddled when fellow robot Sondra informed me that she had never been to East Village Arepa eatery, Caracas. Unacceptable!

To you readers lucky enough to reside in the NYC vicinity or to anyone planning a visit, I kid you not, run, don't walk to Caracas. It has been one of my favorite spots in the city since I first discovered it. The Village location is small and bustling on most nights but you can always opt for a quick bite at the convenient adjacent takeout restaurant.

And by no means is this still news but I think it's worth noting. Caracas recently opened up a second Arepa Bar on Grand Street in Willamsburg near Roebling!

The new location is, for now, BYOB (which I decided over the weekend to start pronouncing as a word rather than letter by letter..."byob!" - it really rolls off the tongue.) The decor is very interesting. It looks completely unfinished with bare wooden planks, glass and metals covering the walls. And even more exciting, there is an outside area. I am already envisioning the endless brunch opportunities once the weather warms up!

Two tips:
1. Don’t even ask what’s in the sauce. They won’t tell you. It’s delicious!
2. Order the Yoyos appetizer – but get it for dessert.

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