Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Honor of NY Fashion Week, Your own Museum Tour!

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While clothes worked their way across catwalks this past NY Fashion week, museums and galleries are doing their own bit of fashion contribution but showing a variety of exhibitions honoring fashion. And while I write this through bitter tears brought on by this NY Winter season the multitude of art shows has eased a bit of my pain.

I start with the International Center of Photography, (didn't even realize there was such a museum) and their show on iconic fashion photographer, Edward Steichen who shot for Condé Nast publications during the mid-20th century and while any fashionista would be creaming over Steichen's photos I was frankly more smitten with the "Weird Beauty: Fashion Photography Now." Def. worth the commute to the westside!

Heading uptown and east, the Museum of the City of New York, who also exhibited a lovely "Black Style" show a few years ago is honoring, American couture designer, Valentina Sanina Schlee. While most people think of the big Europen dogs when considering couture artists, MCNY's show Valentina: American Couture and the Cult of Celebrity is creating some hype about badass American couture skillz and New York City's history in the apparell biz.

And while the Museum of Art Design does not exactly present fashion exhibits, I have found that some of their shows have been a great source of inspiration for the creative mofos in the city, including fashion designers. Their latest and one of my fave shows this season is based on taking ordinary objects and recycling these things into art pieces, great idea for the fashion industry, eh? One of my favorite pieces from the show was Portrait of Textile Worker which is comprised solely of garment labels.

Happy Fashion Week!

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